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A Brand Manager / Brand Advocate has a tremendous responsibility inside and outside the organization. Let’s take a snapshot. In the daily agenda of a Brand Manager, there is a concrete job that is essential for the creation of brand value: creativity. They must also ensure brand consistency through the monitoring of external market dynamics which happen so fast that sometimes it could be too late to react.

A Brand Manager must be precise taking into consideration multiple business strategies, brand identity maxims and marketing communications techniques, to manage that creativity and ensure that they are all aligned.

Zinergy | Branding Things
Zinergy | Branding Things
Zinergy | Branding Things

In short, it’s a tough job with lots of moving parts and that is where ZinergyINTERNATIONAL is an able partner in providing information for your brand decisions.

Using DNA methodology we select items and ideas for your approval, fully brand aligned and, future directed. We don’t just brand a cup. We brand a cup that will have your clients falling in love with its uniqueness, appropriateness for the event and just futuristic enough to make your brand, on-trend.

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