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Your future career success depends on having the skills your organization needs most. Whether you’re a leader, a manager or an individual employee, this program will help you map out a plan for both your career and your company’s success. Using the DNA Branding Framework and the Extended DISC personality style assessment, you’ll assess your competencies and develop a plan which will increase your personal value and your contribution to your organization’s overall strategy.

Topics Covered

  • Assess strengths and development opportunities in the context of global trends and workforce changes
  • Map your organization’s strategy and core competencies to current knowledge, skills and behaviors
  • Identify skills needed to develop resilience and persistence
  • Explore mentoring, networking and personal branding opportunities
  • Integrate crucial competencies into an organization-aligned career development plan
  • Identify ongoing professional development needs and opportunities
  • Exploring strategies to achieve continuous value through ongoing learning
  • Using “What’s My Style?” to assess personality style preferences
  • Setting priorities, being prepared and taking responsibility
  • Watching trends, recognizing innovation opportunities and taking risks
  • Finding the ideal mentor and understanding why it’s crucial
  • Developing a strong personal brand that will get you ahead
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