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Who We Are

Zinergy International is a signature branding boutique that creates and manages brand value from insights to innovation. We use innovative results-driven DNA Branding training methodologies, brand focused event experiences and novel promotional items to brand people, places and things. We are positioned to cater to various industries and have emerged as one of the leaders in branding.

To change the way you do business, you have to change the way you think about business!! Zinergy International uses a ground breaking, innovative approach to branding people, places and things, driving results and delivering brand focused event experiences. Everything we do is driven by the client’s brand definition, brand architecture and brand management to ensure brand impact, recall and ultimately, selection as the brand of choice.

We have inspired leaders to address business challenges with a clear, simplified way of looking at the problems, and seeing what was already right in front of them. Like them, you will find that your organization and industry has more growth at its disposal than you could have ever imagined!

The Zinergy Team

Ethnie Miller Simpson
Ethnie Miller SimpsonCEO & Chief Branding Officer
Ethnie Miller Simpson is owner of ZinergyINTERNATIONAL Group Ltd, a signature branding, learning & development company, in Kingston Jamaica, focused on innovatively branding people, places and things.
The Zinergy Trainer
The Zinergy Trainer
With a passion for people, organizational development and coaching come easily to the Zinergy Learning Professionals. They enjoy conversations with participants about their wellbeing and growth and are responsible for your exposure to learning experiences that not only challenge you as an individual but your company team members through interactive learning workshops and seminars.
LexAnne Marshall
LexAnne MarshallBrand Innovation Officer, Promotional Items & Events
The responsibility for the Administration of the company falls to Lexanne who ensures the office is well run. As the point of first contact, LexAnne manages the customer experience of the Zinergy Brand and is sometimes called the “Chief Happiness Officer”

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